Glass Floors

Commonly used classic wooden surfaces still enjoy great success although the big competition increasingly comes from floors made of glass. Glass floors are an interesting alternative, and their use ensures a unique feeling and give each interior a unique and modern style. When it comes to brighten darker rooms especially those in basements, glass floors are the best solution. Safety and strength are the most important factors which determine high specification of glass thickness. On every glass floor application laminated glass is recommended and includes 3 layers of toughened laminated glass. We offer glazed floor panels in single and double glazed format depending on internal or external installation. 
Such specification still have acoustic performance and when formed in double glazed units can still achieve good thermal insulation properties. For extra comfort, anti-slip resistance surfaces can be applied to the top layer of flooring. Glass surfaces can be merged within both metal and wooden structures to create stunning pieces of architectural design. It is a unique decorative element that will please even the most demanding eye. Even if the construction of stairs and floors made of glass seems fragile and uncertain, it is a reliable and strong building material which has one of the widest market applications for the construction industry. If you plan to lighten your home or brighten your life don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss options suitable for your needs.